• Integration
    Promote the integrated development of the upstream industrial chain of the automobile manufacturing industry, promote the integrated development of traditional vehicle power energy and new energy, and realize the integrated development of traditional machinery, electronic information and artificial intelligence industries. In the future of high social integration and win-win, Jiangsu Guoxin will continue to innovate, and promote the integrated development of the upstream industrial chain of the
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  • Intelligentization
    Fully intelligentization of vehicle information system, entertainment and control system, and charging management system. With the continuous development of automobile informatization, networking and artificial intelligence technology, the use of electronic, integrated, and networked in-vehicle information systems, entertainment and control systems, and intelligent charging management systems will be expanded to make full use of the new generation of information networks, Cloud computing, big da
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  • Lightweight
    High-strength carbon fiber composite body, lightweight metal alloy body + high specific energy battery, high energy conversion efficiency power assembly. With the use of high-strength carbon fiber composite material body and lightweight metal alloy material body as the core, combined with the use of high specific energy batteries and high energy conversion efficiency powertrain, the dynamic performance and cruising range of the vehicle are continuously improved. Through continuous innovation, Ma
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  • Electricity
    The integration, integration and efficiency of electronic control and power components. Based on pure electric drive technology, starting from improving the efficiency of electric energy conversion, through continuous innovation, the integration, integration and efficiency of electronic control and power components are realized. According to different application scenarios and customer needs, we will timely launch pure electric (single) drive, internal combustion engine extended range, gas turbi
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  • New model
    online and offline, digital marketing, franchise chain commercial sales, new service model + C K D decentralized manufacturing, new model of cross-continental commercial promotion. According to the product and technical characteristics of new energy vehicles, explore the use of electric vehicles as mobile electronic products, through the combination of online + offline, adopt digital marketing (e-commerce platform), franchise chains (product experience stores and chain quick repair shops) ) And
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  • New process
    WCM (wet film compression), HP-RTM (high pressure resin transfer molding), CF-SMC (carbon fiber sheet film compression), LFT-D (long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material injection or film compression), etc. The molding process of composite materials. A series of composite material forming processes have replaced the traditional stamping process, reducing the number of molds; automated bonding has replaced the traditional spot welding process, reducing the number of vehicle parts; th
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  • New materials
    Body (aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite material <CFRP>) + chassis and truss body structure (high-strength lightweight metal alloy material). The integrated design and application of new materials for the body, chassis and truss body structure effectively improve the passive safety of the vehicle while ensuring that the vehicle’s collision avoidance and safety standards are met; the weight of the new battery has been balanced, thereby continuously improving the electric The vehicle's power
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  • New platform
    Newly build a pure electric drive exclusive truss structure travelable chassis platform with independent intellectual property rights. The use of distributed drive technology has fully realized the platformization of the new energy vehicle product system and the modularization of parts, thus greatly shortening the product development and mass production preparation period; developing multiple models through a common platform, supporting quick battery change, gradient use and The exchange of borr
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