After-sales service commitment

Jiangsu Guoxin New Energy Passenger car Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guoxin Passenger Car") solemnly promises:

In strict accordance with the " Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests ", "Product Quality Law", "Defective Automobile Product Recall Management Regulations", "Household Automobile Product Maintenance, Replacement, and Return Responsibility Regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations. We will provide users with high-quality services and effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests.

1.Quality assurance

Guoxin Passenger Car promises to provide different warranty policies according to the differentiation of products and users' usage, and to provide warranty for car parts damage or performance failures caused by product design, material, manufacturing, assembly and other quality problems. Commitment to the quality warranty period of energy storage devices such as power batteries, drive motors, and motor controllers: passenger cars shall not be less than 8 years or 120,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

2.After-sales service items and content

Guoxin Passenger Car promises to have an after-sales service network in the national sales area, which can provide users with repair, maintenance, distress rescue, fault diagnosis, spare parts supply and use training services.

The public data center platform of Guoxin Passenger Car After-sales Service Department provides new energy customers with product knowledge, service policy consultation, repair and maintenance appointments, and vehicle accuracy through telephone, WeChat, QQ, official website, WEB and other channels, 365 days × 24 hours a day.

Service hotline: 400-1518666.

3.After-sales accessories supply and quality assurance

Guoxin Passenger Car promises to provide customers with original parts and implement the "three guarantees" of quality for the parts provided.

4.Market information feedback

Guoxin Passenger Car promises to establish a complete market quality information and after-sales service information management system, and collect product quality information and after-sales service information in a timely and accurate manner through the public data center platform and the new energy car remote monitoring platform. Users can pass 24 Hourly service hotline, official website online customer service, WeChat customer service for information feedback.

5.Used power battery recycling

Guoxin Passenger Car promises to establish a complete management process for power battery disassembly, storage, packaging, transportation, gradient utilization, and scrapping in accordance with relevant national requirements, and to upload power battery traceability information to the national monitoring and management platform in real time, promising all power battery can finally be treated in a harmless manner under the framework of relevant laws and regulations.

Guoxin Passenger Car and GEM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GEM") signed the "Cooperation Agreement on the Recycling of Used Power Batteries". GEM is a demonstration enterprise of China's circular economy, and a leader in China's power battery recycling, scrapped automobile recycling, auto parts recycling and power battery raw material manufacturing.

GEM currently covers the following domestic recycling outlets:

1. Yingchun Avenue, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jingmen City, Hubei Province.

2. 235 Zhenfa Road, Shuofang, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

3.  Fengyuan Avenue, Fengcheng Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province.

3. Bipu Village and Ma'an Village, Cangbu Street, Yangluo Development Zone, Xinzhou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

4. No. 9, No. 10 Road, Ziya Circular Economy Industrial Park, Jinghai County, Tianjin.

5. One kilometer north of the east section of Zhongzhou Avenue, Lankao County Industrial Cluster District, Henan Province.

6.Emergency protection for major issues

Guoxin Passenger Car conducts overall planning and deployment from organizational guarantees, risk prevention, information early warning, information transmission, information classification management, on-site disposal, after-treatment, and hidden danger investigation. Product quality, safety, and environmental protection issues can be real-time warning and rapid response

Quality guarantee regulations

1. The object of the quality guarantee: the vehicles produced and authorized to sell by Jiangsu Guoxin New Energy Passenger Car Co., Ltd., and the pure spare parts purchased by the user at the company's authorized service unit at their own expense.

2. Conditions of quality guarantee: The vehicle or genuine spare parts are within the warranty period. All maintenance and repairs during the warranty period of the entire vehicle must be completed by the company's special service unit.

3. The repair period of the whole vehicle is 3 years/80000 kilometers (whichever comes first). The repair period of key electric parts (energy storage devices such as power batteries, drive motors, and motor controllers) is 8 years or a mileage of 120,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Start date: The calculation starts based on the date when the end user purchases the car invoice);

Mileage regulation: display the meter according to the odometer (under normal conditions).

The quality guarantee period of vehicles used for operation (such as those used for rental, leasing or passenger transportation) is 1 year or 100,000 kilometers of mileage. The key components of electric parts (energy storage devices such as power batteries, drive motors, and motors) Controller) The warranty period is 8 years or the mileage is 120,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

The quality warranty period of the main parts is subject to the "Warranty Period Table of Jiangsu Guoxin New Energy Passenger Vehicle System Parts", please refer to the "Quality Warranty Manual" for details.

4、Wearing parts quality guarantee period: Please refer to the "Quality Warranty Manual" for the types and scope of wearable parts of non-operating vehicles and the quality guarantee period.

The wearing parts are confirmed to be damaged due to product quality problems during the quality guarantee period. The man-hour and material costs for replacing consumable parts shall be borne by the company, except for the items listed in the scope of non-three guarantees.

The repair period of wearing parts of commercial vehicles is 3 months to 5000 miles, including: brake discs, brake pads, clutch plates, pressure plates, release bearings, wiper blades, belts, various filter cores, tires, light bulbs, Fuse or wire, lacquer, glass (front and rear windshield, car windows, sunroof).

5. Scope of warranty repair: during the warranty period, vehicle failures caused by material, manufacturing or design factors, and auxiliary materials (such as lubricating oil, brake fluid, coolant, power steering) that must be involved in the implementation of repair services Oil, air conditioning refrigerant, etc.) belong to the scope of warranty.

6. During the warranty period of the whole vehicle, if the vehicle cannot be driven due to the failure of the parts within the scope of the warranty, the vehicle can be towed to the nearest special service unit of our company for the warranty service. The vehicle repair costs (including emergency traction, parts, working hours, and necessary accessories) caused by the failure will not be charged to the user.

7. During the vehicle quality warranty period, the Guoxin passenger car service unit repairs the parts used by the car for the user free of charge. The warranty period is calculated based on the driving time and mileage of the vehicle, and it is included with the vehicle parts The quality warranty ends and terminates.

8. Guoxin passenger car spare parts quality warranty period (exceeding the whole vehicle quality warranty period): 12 months or 20,000 kilometers for family cars, 3 months or 5,000 kilometers for operating vehicles.

Start date: The spare parts sales date of the Guoxin Passenger Car Special Service Unit (based on the spare parts sales invoice date) or the spare parts replacement date in the dispatch order maintenance record.

Note: The spare parts are purchased, repaired and installed by the user at the company's special service unit by themselves. The new parts replaced during the spare parts warranty period are calculated based on the driving time of the vehicle and will be terminated when the spare parts warranty ends. .

8. Dealing with special circumstances of replacing the combination meter: If the meter assembly is replaced due to quality problems of the meter, the service unit should indicate the mileage and the date of replacement on the old meter on the appraisal sheet. Operating vehicles will be calculated at 500 km/day from the day the vehicle is sold, and non-operating vehicles will be calculated at 200 km/day. Repairs can be covered within the quality warranty period, and the service unit must indicate the mileage in the Maintenance Manual.

9、The exemption of quality guarantee liability is out of the scope of the warranty.

Quality guarantee liability exemption

1. The "Guoxin Passenger Car Instruction Manual" clearly states that no modification, adjustment, or disassembly is allowed, but the damage is caused by the consumer's own modification, adjustment, and disassembly;

2. Product quality problems occur, and consumers have caused damages due to improper disposal;

3、Damage caused by consumers failing to correctly use, maintain, and repair the product in accordance with the "Guoxin Passenger Car Manual";

4、Damage caused by force majeure;

5、Wearable parts and components have exceeded the quality guarantee period of Guoxin Passenger Car and have product quality problems;

6、Failure to follow the first free maintenance regulations to go to the Guoxin Passenger Car Special Service Unit for vehicle maintenance will be deemed as the user's automatic waiver of the right to repair the vehicle;

7、Vehicles whose production date, purchase date, mileage, vehicle identification code (VIN), etc. cannot be confirmed due to user reasons;

8、If you go to a service unit authorized by a non-Guoxin passenger car for maintenance without the permission of Guoxin Passenger Car, or fail to perform regular maintenance according to the mileage requirements of each maintenance interval, the company will not, in principle, claim compensation. The cost is borne by the user;

9. Some adjustments and measurements such as four-wheel alignment, tire balance, parking and service brake clearance adjustments and door adjustments are not included in the scope of quality warranty;

10、Damage or failure caused by improper storage of the vehicle and the resulting vehicle maintenance, including but not limited to the failure to perform vehicle maintenance in accordance with the "Guoxin Passenger Car Manual" during long-term parking of the vehicle, resulting in the motor, electronic control and power battery system Damage, battery discharge, external environment damage to the vehicle, etc.;

11、Damage to the vehicle caused by lack of maintenance or the use of suitable lubricating oil, coolant, brake fluid, steering oil, refrigerant, etc. in accordance with the requirements of the "Guoxin Passenger Car Manual";

12、Vehicle damage caused by the use of genuine spare parts for non-national new passenger cars;

13、Vehicle damage caused by improper use or maintenance of the vehicle, including but not limited to handling errors, overloading and racing, etc.;

14、Damage to the vehicle caused by the addition, modification and modification of the vehicle (including: body, chassis, power system, electrical system and other systems) without the permission of Guoxin Passenger Car;

15、Vehicles whose odometer readings are obviously inconsistent with the actual situation (excluding the repair, adjustment and replacement of odometers taken by the special service unit of Guoxin Passenger Cars to implement quality warranty on the vehicles);

16、Economic losses or additional costs that are not within the scope of the quality warranty, including but not limited to losses due to vehicle outage, loss of time or wages, accommodation and meals or other travel expenses, and other incidental economic losses;

17、The user fails to protect the original condition of the defective part before submitting the quality warranty, or after the failure occurs, does not obtain the consent of the Guoxin passenger car special service unit, and disposes of it on his own, resulting in the expansion of the damage;

18、Defects caused by normal aging of materials or environmental pollution during vehicle use, including but not limited to rust or deterioration of metal parts, discoloration, fading, fading of painted paint, discoloration of artificial leather, glass, rearview mirror mirrors and other parts, Fading and deformation, discoloration, cracking, deformation, etc. of rubber parts;

19、The tire is normally worn during use, and the sidewall is sunken (the sunken at the joint of the carcass connection part after inflation is normal and will not affect the service life and quality of the tire), etc.